Our history


Mr. Giuseppe Carcano set up “Laboratorio Carcano” (“Carcano workshop”) at the beginning of the twentieth century in Palazzolo Milanese; the workshop was specialized in the processing and marketing of select wood mainly coming from Northern Italy.


1934 was a crucial year: Mr. Egidio Carcano, son of Mr. Giuseppe, started leading the workshop and, upon the request of Rimoldi company, began producing the first table tops, intended for sewing machines specialized in the production of hats.


1955 marked a new start: the third generation. Mr. Sergio Pavesi, future son-in-law of the owner and his closest aide until 1974 (when Mr. Egidio Carcano passed away), started working for the company in that year. Later, the company was led by Mr. Sergio and Mrs. Marina Carcano, who managed to extend the reach of Carcano Egidio with great persistence and with an entrepreneurial mindset, exporting their products to many European (mostly France) and Arab countries.



Mr. Andrea Pavesi, son of Sergio and Marina, started working for the company at the beginning of the ‘90s, after getting his degree in economics. During those years important investments were made to expand the industrial premises and to install automated and state-of-the-art machines, alongside with highly specialized workers; thanks to these decisions, our company managed to overcome the recent crisis that reached its height in 2009.


Today, Carcano Egidio is led by its fifth generation and is still based where it was founded by Mr. Giuseppe. Our history is more than a century long, and we have become the reference point of all the companies with which we work. Professionalism, innovation and artisanship have been our core features since long ago, and are the basis of an even better future.

Respect for the Environment

As we are based in an area dominated by nature, and as we are aware of the importance of protecting it, we commit everyday to maintaining its beauty and tidiness through rigorous and advanced cleaning and intake systems.

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